shengchen NeckEase


Characteristic of Use

1.  Speed of results: It proves effective within a short period of time

2.  Efficiency and duration: the symptoms obviously diminish or disappear after continuous applications for several weeks.

3.  Convenience: It is portable and has adjustable traction force and strength.

4. Safety: The product causes no pain and side effects if used in accordance with the instruction given

Function Characteristic 

Made up of inner latex chamber and soft textile covering, Neckease is small and light (250g), powerful (0-100kgs) with a wide traction range (1-18cm). It has the special dynamic structure that can automatically protect the specific area of the cervical tract after it has been inflated and modeled. The low and high pressure air chambers can improve the patient’s comfort during traction and immobilization.Magnets can enhance the theatment effect.

How To Use 

See figure 1 below: 

1.  Put Neckease around neck, adjust the circle for different sizes and fix the nylon strap in the front. First users may wear it before a mirror. Please note that the air inlet ball should be placed by the side of left hand.

2.  Close the air-releasing screw before hand-pumping. Make sure the direction of the rubber cushion is correct.  

3. Pump with hand till symptoms subside. Making sure it comes to an optimal pressure, close the ball valve.

 4.  The fixing control should be used at least 2-3 times a day with a minimum of 30 minutes each time.

5.  Open the ball valve and loosen the air-releasing screw after use, let the air out slowly.

1. Upper air chamber      6.Valve for deflation
2.Lower air chamber 7.Valve cushion    
3. Valve for air passage under low pressure 8. Air inlet ball 
4. Four cross connector     9.Nylon strap
5.Blocking ball valve 10.Magnet



Carry out the following steps:
Inflate the appliance to obtain medium traction for a few minutes, deflate, re-inflate at medium traction for a few more minutes before finishing the treatment. According to the situation, re-inflate to within the resistance limit to increase the beneficial effects, carry out greater traction for several minutes and adjust the traction angle. Generally, one circle of treatment is 30day. Frequently use of Neckease is beneficial to health.


Pathology of cervical spondylopathy and principle of traction treatment

The reason of cervical spondylopathy is degeneration of cervical inter-vertebral disc, septum turning to narrow, local tissue swelling, stasis of blood, compression of vas, and then a series of symptoms happen. Effective traction could get rid of compression of nervous vas, therefore, remiss the symptoms; Repeated traction could get muscles of neck relax, make local tissue swelling and stasis of blood disappear. So the symptoms of cervical spondylopathy soon remit or disappear completely.


1.  The patients relax as much as possible during treatment.

2.  Should there be an abnormal reaction during the treatment, the air should be let out slowly, The angulation and the level of traction should be regulated till the situation normalizes and then the traction should be retreated

3.  When using the medium or high traction, the low-pressure air-chamber on the top be closed before the inflation process is finished. In this way the upper parts of the air-chamber remain soft and comfortable during treatment.

4.  Traction at high level should only be carried out after the application of 30-60 minutes at low and medium level. Repositioning the angulation of traction must be carried out following medical advice.

5.  Hard, sharp objects do not come into contact with Neckease during use. If the surface should get dirty, it should be cleaned delicately with a brush, but not rubbed and washed.
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